Summer Gardening Ideas

Get a head start on the summer by planning your summer garden! We’re so excited we’ve complied a list of fun gardening ideas and tips to get started right, and have your garden working for you all summer long.

  1. This Old House provides a list of the most colorful flowers to plant in the early summer, along with basic information about how best to grow them.
  2. HGTV has a feature on summer gardening. They’ve come up with a Summer Gardening Planner that outlines what maintenance is required in your garden. It’s broken down into the beginning, end, and all of summer season. We’ve highlighted their suggestions for early summer below:
    • image1Harden off tender seedlings sown indoors.(Growing Gardens provides a guide for hardening off seedlings.)
    • Plant summer bedding and vegetable gardens.
    • Plant up containers and hanging baskets. (Bob Vila offers a list of the 15 best plants for hanging baskets.)
    • Protect young plant growth from pests, especially slugs.
    • Put house plants, including citrus, outside for summer.
    • Feed flowering shrubs and roses to promote flowering.
    • Prune evergreen shrubs.
    • Earth up potatoes and harvest after flowering.
    • In late summer sow beets, radishes, spinach and lettuce every two weeks.
    • Take softwood cuttings. (Find further explanation at Fine Gardening.)
  3. Late start? Renee’s Garden offers a list of plants that actually flourish when planted in June.
  4. Huffington Post gathered a list of 7 DIY gardening ideas to finish before summer.
  5. Both Organic Life and HGTV provide comprehensive guides to container gardening.

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